Rum Club, Tropical Kitchen

Relaxing, chilling, enjoying life to the fullest, that is the art of ‘liming’. It’s also the philosophy we want to transfer to our guests at Rum Club. Deep in the cellars of Utrecht, there is a tropical paradise arising. Guests can enjoy all things tropical; the food, music, cocktails, beers and rum will all contain influences of exotic places.

Other than a place to sit back, chill and enjoy island style food and drinks, guests can also shake it to the hottest jungle, Caribbean, hip-hop and tropical beats provided by our resident DJ’s.

Are you the multitalented bird of paradise we are looking for?

Shift leader pt/ft

A responsible, lead by example kinda guy/girl who motivates his/her team to perform at their best while they entertain our guests.

You make sure that your team can work their magic on our guests, and you don’t “overheat” when things get hectic. Opening or closing the restaurant, is one of your responsibilities as you make sure that you exceed our guests and your team’s expectation of RC. You don’t shy away from a busy work floor and like making people feel at home and relaxed.

Rum Club Utrecht

  • open 7 days a week until late
  • serving platters of tropical food to share
  • over 200 different kinds of rum
  • specializes in tropical/tiki cocktails and exotic beers
  • doesn’t shy away from a good ‘ass shakin’ party
  • is a place of relaxation and makes guests feel like they are on a holiday

You + Rum Club are made for each other when you:

  • Live and breathe hospitality, it is in your DNA
  • You’re outgoing, and not afraid to talk to guests and colleagues
  • You’re a real team player, but know when to act as a manager
  • You possess a hands-on mentality (and not in a Mike Tyson kinda way)
  • Challenging yourself comes naturally
  • Flexible (in terms of working hours, not yoga)
  • Are based in the Netherlands, preferably Utrecht
  • Proficient in English (Dutch is a plus)
  • You have significant experience in hotels and restaurants
  • You love everything that involves making your guests as happy as they can be for the duration of your shift
  • You’re open to learning new skills, and share trade secrets
  • Are passionate and ambitious
  • Working independently doesn’t scare you, but working in a team is what you love
  • You possess a (dark) sense of humor
  • Aren’t afraid to wear a tropical shirt

Can we buy you a ticket to the tropics?

Please let us know why you would be perfect for this position and attach a motivation letter to your cv.
You can email us at