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Welcome to Paradise

Open now: Rum Club

🌴Tropical restaurant🌴

🍍Exotic vibes year round🍍

🥥Tiki cocktail bar🥥

🌺Ass shakin' music🌺


Tropical vibes

Traveling to far and exotic places: our favorite thing in the world! We soak in the local food culture, take all things tropical home and happily make them our own. Be amazed by the bold and powerful flavors from our favorite exotic places, with a touch of our secret ingredient.

We're hiring

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Shift leader


  • 106 2
  • 176 6
  • 153 2
  • 109 4


Oudegracht a/d Werf 111
+31 30 202 7028

Open 7 days a week
15:00 - late